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Christine Manor, CPA, the main author of the Unified Chart of Accounts (UCOA) (third edition), has published QuickBooks for Not-for-Profit Organizations for 2008. From the publishers website:

QuickBooks for Not-For-Profit Organizations 2008 provides detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use QuickBooks in a not-for-profit environment. Also included with the book are downloadable practice files with complete examples for using QuickBooks in a Not-For-Profit organization. QuickBooks for Not-for-Profit Organizations includes clearly illustrated screen shots and sample data practice files that will allow you to practice each step as you read about it.

I have and use the previous version of her book and I recommend anyone using any version of QuickBooks for nonprofit accounting to check it out.

Another resource for QuickBooks users is a backed up Company File.  It ties in with Christine Manor’s book on setting up QuickBooks Pro (which I recommend over the Premium versions) for use in a nonprofit.

This zipped file (for information on zipped files click here) contains a backed up company file, and backed up chart of accounts (the UCOA) and some instructions on importing either of the files into QuickBooks 2008. The chart is for importing into a company file already in use for which you want to upgrade your chart of accounts to the UCOA.

The company file is for a group staring fresh. It has the UCOA in it with all the accounts inactivated, you “turn on” only the accounts you need, the Classes set up with sample programs for you to modify as you like and Customers and Jobs for you to modify to your liking as well. You will of course have to redo the Company info for your organization, but it gets you stared with a fresh functional accounting system.

To download the file click here, it is almost 4.5 megabytes so it might take a few minutes.

Those files, along with these books should get you set up right. And if you need hands-on help you can get that too.  For additional referrals to QuickBooks specialists look for a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. You can select by zip code and area of expertise and then get a list of folks to interview.

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