Mr. Strand offers off-the-shelf and customized workshops and seminars to single organizations and to associations, foundations, trade groups and others looking to reach a wide audience of nonprofit professionals. Topics may include:

Nonprofit Accounting Basics: This training builds the skills and knowledge to operate a professional and transparent accounting function, including functional accounting and cost allocation; accounting for contributions; preparing and presenting reports; managing resources; preparing for audits; managing risk; and accountability and transparency.

Financial Management in Tough Times: This training helps nonprofits develop strategies for getting through a difficult economic climate with their missions, programs and budgets intact, focusing on the special problems of budgeting, financial reporting, projecting cash flow and managing resources.

Introduction to the Form 990: This workshop familiarizes nonprofits with common pitfalls in filling out Form 990, helping them avoid mistakes and ensure their 990s go out with a minimum of errors.

Custom On-Site Trainings: You can order custom, on-site training for your staff, board, volunteers or larger events in critical areas of nonprofit accounting, including basic skills and principles of nonprofit accounting; how to create, read and use financial statements; budgeting and forecasting; pre-audit preparation; and most other custom topics.

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  1. I am interested in the 990 training. I would be interested in the cost of the seminar, and where I would go to attend one. I am located in SC.

  2. I’m interested in training and I’m from North Little Rock, Arkansas.

  3. I am interested in training, I am located in Los Angeles County, California. Also the cost.

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