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Nonprofit News Update

roundupThis edition of my Nonprofit News Update features resources for your nonprofit.  One thing I really like about how this sector operates is the willingness we have to share good ideas, to help out our brother and sister organizations.  Twitter is a fine example of that phenomena.  Just follow some of the nonprofit folk out there and you can learn a lot about what is going on in the sector and where the choicest resources lie.

Along the lines of social networks and sharing reddit and Idealist have come together to bring us IdealistNews, a place to post, rate and comment about news articles the feature charitable issues.  Check it out and see what others think is relevant to the nonprofit sector.

A nice resource for nonprofit boards of directors are these videos from BoardSource.  The eleven videos will walk you through the basic responsibility of nonprofit boards, including financial matters.

Been laid off?  Planning on laying people off?  This Guide to Surviving Layoffs might be a good page for helping you and others get back on your feet.

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What I Learned From the IRS, Part 2

logo-irsThe IRS had their Exempt Organization Workshops this month, a day spent going over nonprofit and tax exempt issues.  I picked up a couple of nice tidbits that I will share but first I want to go over two other items.  The first is the IRS’s Winter 2009 Statistics Of Income Bulletin.  It covers all types of tax returns but a highlight of the nonprofit sector:

Charitable and other tax-exempt organizations reported more than $10 billion in gross unrelated business income for tax year 2005. Between 2004 and 2005, total unrelated business income tax liability increased by 49 percent to $543.3 million.

The other item is the answer to another question:

For part 7 of the updated form 990, do we need to list our Executive Director’s and Director of Fiance’s compensation even if the don’t meet the Key Employee salary level of $150,000 or the $100,000 salary minimum for the 5 highest compensated individuals?

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