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Nonprofit News: Strategic Planning and HR

News StandClearing out the in-box for another news roundup.  A big focus here will be on human resource issues, as I’m guessing many nonprofit finance folk get to wear the HR hat for their organizations as well.

Strategic Planning

On the NEA’s website there are 27 strategic planning essays that were commissioned and edited by Morrie Warshawski.  Neat stuff and a great resource for your next strategic planning process.

Human Resources

A quick piece on wrongful discharge is timely in time of reducing expenses.  If you have to let people go, make sure you are doing it the right way.

Concerned about benefits?  Think your staff is too?  Yes they are, and the key here is the right kind of communication.

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Nonprofit News Roundup

News StandIn case you missed any of these:

Here is a NY Times Op Ed that says businesses should be more nonprofit-like.

Need tech stuff?  Have you tried TechSoup yet?  You should check them out and read about these seven solutions for (at least) seven tech challenges.

There are two news pieces from the U.S. Government Accountability Office regarding nonprofits.  The first talks about improving the accuracy that donors report charitable gifts on their tax forms.  The other focuses on where federal dollars received by nonprofits go.

The last paragraph of the second piece has some pretty large implications I think, as it implies that they have trouble collecting data about where the money is going.  Click through to the full report to read more on the data collection issues.  I hope this is something that the GAO will push to be fixed because if the Feds are not getting good information about how the money is being used it might possibly result in less money being available.

Changes in COBRA benefits

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